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If you are a writer, if you are not a writer, if you work with words, if you want to access deeper parts of yourself….this workshop is a must! Kristin integrates her rich and varied wealth of knowledge of writing, history, and art with research from neuroscience and the understanding of the mind, the unconscious, and the profound work of hypnotherapy in this elegant and eloquent “hands on” workshop. Highly recommended! You’ll leave with a much expanded sense of the wisdom of your own unconscious and you’ll learn how writing can be a tool to access this wise place.

Mona Chopra

NCCAOM Acupuncturist, People Tree Wellness

Kristin’s Trance Writing course was unlike anything I have experienced before both inside and outside my M.F.A. Her depth of knowledge about poetry and trance techniques have resulted in her own unique mind, heart, and soul-opening tools for her students. Not only did I write different and exciting new poems, I was given tools for personal and creative transformation.

– Carla Drysdale, author of the award-winning book, Inheritance

“This Trance Writing course was freeing and empowering. I’m amazed at how much happened in terms of my often-stuck poetry practice. I am hugely grateful for the safety of the workshop and for Kristin’s deep wisdom, permission, generosity, and guidance. I feel like an enormous shift in my poetry practice has taken place, and I am so excited to go home and keep following the energy Kristin has created.
– Kasey Jueds, author of the award-winning book, Keeper